• Makes dad want to be mummy once in a while.

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Choose your favourite color:

  • mud
  • black
  • anthrazit
  • navy
  • moss green


Extra storage space

In the 16 liters of capacity of the PREMIUM ROLLTOP backpack you will find space for everything parents need on the go.

Fastening system for the pram

For more freedom of movement, you can also attach your changing backpack to the pram on the go with the included attachment system.

Easy cleaning

So you can clean your changing backpack easily and thoroughly, all materials are robust and easy to clean.

Complete on the road package

A color-coordinated changing mat and a stylish purse are included with the PREMIUM ROLLTOP backpack.


Not only super practical, but also extremely stylish! Our PREMIUM ROLLTOP backpack with 3D optics is available in all colors of the current MOON models.

There is no limit when it comes to giving your child the best start in life. The mission of MOON is to support you in this. Discover the MOON-Kosmos with all its advantages!


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