Proper ventilation of the stroller is more important thank you think

  • Healthy climatisation and air circulation

    The breathable PREMIUM Träumeland mattress with vertical ventilation channels, combined with the offset perforated membranes in the bottom of the stroller tray offer a healthy air ciculation

  • No risk of overheating or hypothermia

    The CIRC-AIR system has been created to minimize the risk of overheating or hypothermia, since pent-up heat is transported out of the carry cot, while drafts can't get in.

  • Heathier breathing

    Heat and gases can accumulate within the carry cot, which has a negative effect on the baby's breathing. Thanks to healthy air circulation they can be transported away.

  • Moisture balance

    The Träumeland mattress contains an optimal moisture balance for better sleep

  • Tested fabrics

    The removable and washable cover is made out of pollutant tested natural fiber TENCEL (29%) and tested synthetic fiber (61%)

  • Healthy sleeping position

    The point elastic cold foam core has the optimal hardness for baby's head and spine

  • Suitable for allergy sufferers

    Only materials suitable for allergy sufferers are used within the Träumeland mattress


  • Solitaire
    Item no. 63.770.301
  • ReSea S
    Item no. 63.940.310
  • Style
    Item no. 63.950.500
  • Nuova
    Item no. 63.960.520
  • Nuova Air
    Item no. 63.960.550
  • Scala
    Item no. 63.970.600
  • Scala Portofino
    Item no. 63.970.600-900
  • Scala London
    Item no. 63.970.600-901
  • Scala Florence
    Item no. 63.970.600-902