A proper ventilation within the stroller is more important than you think. With our CIRC AIR system with the Premium Träumeland mattress, we guarantee a comfortable climate for your baby in all of our 2in1 strollers. This way your baby can enjoy every walk in a healthy and comfortable carry cot.

  • Solitaire
    Item no. 63.770.301
  • Jet-R
    Item no. 62.780.310
  • ReSea Sport
    Item no. 62.930.300
  • ReSea S
    Item no. 63.940.310
  • Style
    Item no. 63.950.500
  • Nuova
    Item no. 63.960.520
  • Nuova Air
    Item no. 63.960.550
  • Scala
    Item no. 63.970.600
  • Scala Portofino
    Item no. 63.970.600-900
  • Scala London
    Item no. 63.970.600-901
  • Scala Florence
    Item no. 63.970.600-902

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