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With a flick of the wrist, you can fold your pram from MOON to a super small folding size, so that it can be easily stowed anywhere. The tires do not have to be removed and also the sports seat can remain on it – no matter in which driving direction it is mounted.


Discover all the functions and features of the ROCCA

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Maximum Comfort

MOON offers you and your baby numerous features in PREMIUM quality.

Ergonomic Lying Position

The sport seat can be easily adjusted from an upright sitting position to an ergonomic reclining position.

Extra long backrest

The sport seat of the ROCCA BASIC has an extra long backrest, which is also ideal for larger children!

XXL Sun Canopy

With the sun canopy with UV protection 50+ the sun can no longer harm your child.

Comfort padding

The upholstery of the sport seat is extra lined and thus not only super cozy, but also ergonomic.

Seat at table height

The sport seat can be used as an extra chair for your child on the go – so everyone can always sit at the same table.

Extra wide carrycot

Here your baby has enough space to feel safe and secure, yet free.

Maximum Safety

All MOON products have a common goal: to protect your child through intelligent design.

UV Protection 50+

The XXL sun canopies provide plenty of shade and also extra strong protection against harmful UV radiation.

Air Permeability

The air-permeable fabrics provide optimal climate in the pram.

Breathable seat cover

The covers of the sport seat are breathable for better airflow, which reduces perspiration.

5-Point harness system

For the little passengers to be secured during the ride and still sit comfortably, the belt system of the sport seat is individually adjustable and extra padded.

more Flexibility

To make your pram fit into your everyday life, our models are flexible and easy to use.

Convertible sport seat

Does your child prefer to look at what is happening on the way ahead, or is the view of the parents more important? With all MOON models, the direction of the sport seat can be changed at any time.

One hand folding mechanism

Just a simple handle and your MOON pram is folded.

Light Weight

Our prams have extra light weight, making it easier to travel with child.

Height adjustable handle

The buckling slider is individually adjustable for more ergonomics for parents.

Smallest folding size

MOON prams can be folded so small that they can be stored anywhere.

With Sport seat foldable in both directions

Our models can be easily folded without removing the sport seat – no matter in which direction it is mounted.

Removable tires

To make the pram even smaller, the simple click system allows the tires to be removed and quickly reattached at any time.

and Durability

Our prams are designed to accompany you and your child long and reliably.

All-wheel suspension

To ensure that the pram rides smoothly even on bumpy surfaces, all tires have flexible suspension.

Ball bearing in the tire suspension

The ball bearing absorbs shocks even better.

Loadable up to 22 kg

In the sport seat children with a weight of up to 22kg can easily ride – so the 2in1pram can accompany you for a long time.

Extra durable jersey covers

The covers made of breathable jersey fabric remain as good as new even after long use.

intelligent Design

All our products are well thought out and designed for maximum functionality, safety and comfort.

Shopping Basket

The integrated shopping basket offers plenty of space for bags, jackets or small errands in between.


The jersey upholstery, frame, leather details and all other installed materials are extra sturdy and built to last.

High quality processing

For the pram to accompany you long and reliably, we put emphasis on the best workmanship.

Functional materials

Our materials not only look extremely good, but are also robust and practical in everyday life with child.

Slip Pocket on the Back of the Sports Seat

For you to always have the most important things at hand, there is a slip-in compartment at the back of the sports seat.

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There is no limit when it comes to giving your child the best start in life. The mission of MOON is to support you in this. Discover the MOON-Kosmos with all its advantages!


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