Which buggy boards are compatible with MOON prams?

MOON does not offer their own buggy boards. However, the following models are compatible with our prams: Fillikid-Filliboard, Lascal Maxi-Buggyboard and Babysun Nursery EZ Stepp. For other models, we recommend a visit and advice from a dealer. However, it should be noted that if third-party products are attached, the pram's warranty expires.

Do you offer twin prams?

No, MOON does not offer prams for siblings.

I think my pram is broken. What should I do?

In this case the store where the pram was purchased is the first point of contact. They review the problem and, if necessary, contact our service team to initiate the repair process. Alternatively, you can contact our service team directly using the service form. You can find the form on our service page.

Where can I find accessories from past collections?

Some specialty and online retailers often still have remaining stocks. Also check out our MOON-Store – we regularly offer remaining stocks in the SALE category, as long as they are still in stock. However, since accessories from past collections are no longer produced, it is not possible to reorder them from us.

Can I remove the inside covers of the prams?

Yes, the inside covers and the cover of the Träumeland mattress are removable. Both are attached via zipper.

What is the maximum load the basket can carry?

We recommend a maximum weight of 3-4 kg. They can endure more; however, this carries the risk of wearing them out or tearing them in the long term. Therefore we recommend sticking to the maximum weight mentioned above.

Can I reorder the leather covers on the handle?

Yes, this is possible through our retail partners and our service team.

How should I clean the pram?

We recommend careful hand washing with a soft cloth and lukewarm water. You should refrain from aggressive or bleaching cleaning agents, as these attack the color and structure of the fabrics. After washing, the fabric can be dried with a cloth.

The frame can also be cleaned by hand with a sponge or cloth. Normal household cleaning agents are also completely sufficient for this.

For the wheels we recommend rubber care, which is available in shops selling spare parts for cars or in hardware stores.

Are the prams suitable for forests and fields?

Thanks to the large and well-sprung tires, all of our prams can handle just about any terrain. The MOON models, which have pneumatic tires, are particularly well suited for off-road adventures!

How can I avoid heat accumulating inside the pram?

Our sophisticated system of windows and breathable fabrics provides improved ventilation and air circulation inside the tub. For additional ventilation, please use the climate window in the sun canopy. On particularly hot days, it is best to seek out shady places and paths.

Can I put the carrycot of one model on the frame of another?

No, this is not possible. The frames of the individual models are different and therefore only compatible with the matching carrycot or sport seat.

At what age should I switch from carrycot to sport seat?

If your baby is capable of sitting up on their own for long periods of time, they are ready for the sport seat. This usually happens when they are around 6 months old. Alternatively, you can change to the sport seat when your baby outgrows the carrycot.

Can the PLUS1 baby car seat be attached to the pram?

Yes, the baby car seat can be attached to the pram with the help of an adapter. You can find the appropriate adapter under "Accessories".

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