Practical and aesthetic, high quality and uncomplicated, timeless and stylish: the SOLITAIRE knows no either-or. What belongs to the standard in our premium class is far from any standard.

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  • Perfectly transported

    As a comfortable travel companion, the SOLITAIRE impresses with its smallest folding dimension of 67 x 61 x 46 cm.

  • Perfectly integrated

    Our premium model includes many practical features - such as the reversible sports seat or the built-in, manual cradle function on the go.
    Additionally, the SOLITAIRE can carry a maximum weight of 22 kg

  • Perfectly protected

    The climate window ensures optimum air circulation inside the SOLITAIRE and also features an extendable sunroof with 50+ sun protection.

  • Sleep quality 2.0

    On one hand the stroller tray offers generous space with 81 cm and the CIRC AIR-system with ventilation holes for optimal air circulation and healthy breathing. On the other hand it has a high-quality PREMIUM mattress by the quality brand Träumeland, which is not only breathable and pollutant tested, but also particularly comfortable.

  • Perfectly agile

    The well sprung 20 cm solid rubber wheels in front and 30 cm foam rubber wheels at the rear provide stability and additional comfort on the road.

  • Perfectly organised

    With the large, removable aluminum basket with zipper, the SOLITAIRE plays a major role in shopping tours and excursions of all kinds.


Dimensions(L x B x H)
Dimensions set up78 x 61 x 103 cm
Dimensions folded70 x 61 x 47 cm
Stroller tray80 x 41 x 31 cm
Weight with stroller tray14,5 kg
Weight with sport seat12,7 kg
Max. weight of the child22 kg