High quality, a modern look and smart features?
All a question of STYLE.
Our latest pram optimally combines form and function.

  • Perfectly small

    Saves space and time: thanks to the simple folding mechanism, the stroller can be quickly and easily be folded into space-saving 71 x 56 x 42 cm without removing the sports seat.
    No car boot is too small for our STYLE!

  • Different places everyday

    With the flexible sports seat, which can be set in driving or in the opposite direction, the little newcomer always has everything exciting in view. Additionally, the STYLE can carry up to 22 KG. (EN 1888-2 : 2018)

  • For sunny days

    If that's not a reason to shine: the climate-controlled window provides optimal ventilation while providing 50+ sun protection through the extendable sunroof.

  • Healthy sleep

    The large 81 cm stroller tray includes our CIRC AIR ventilation system with the breathable, comfortable PREMIUM mattress from Träumeland. Breathable materials and ventilation channels in the base ensure healthy breathing without overheating or hypothermia.

  • Sprung tires

    Convenient wherever you go: Whether on the city pavement or on country roads, the big, foam-filled, solid rubber wheels with 20.3 cm in front and 29.3 cm at the back always guarantee stability and comfort.


Dimensions(L x B x H)
Dimensions set up91,5 x 56 x 105 cm
Dimensions folded71 x 56 x 42 cm
Stroller tray81 x 47 x 65 cm
Weight with stroller tray12,2 kg
Weight with sport seat11,5 kg
Max. weight of the child22 kg