Lightweight, small, foldable with sports seat, no matter in which seating direction. Easy going with MOON!

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smart and stress-free travelling

Our prams make journeys with your child easier. All current MOON models offer you minimum weight, smallest folding size and the possibility to fold the pram including the sport seat – no matter in which direction the sport seat is placed! This saves parents stress and time. Stay relaxed, even when travelling with MOON EASY GOING.

Foldable in both directions – incl. sport seat

No matter in which direction the sport seat is mounted, folding is possible at any time with all MOON prams. Simply operate the folding mechanism and the pram can be folded and unfolded without removing the seat. This is how flexibility works.


All MOON prams can be folded easily and quickly to the smallest possible size without having to remove the wheels – you will be amazed.


All our models can be carried with one hand without any effort. A real relief for parents on trips and in everyday life!

There is no limit when it comes to giving your child the best start in life. The mission of MOON is to support you in this. Discover the MOON-Kosmos with all its advantages!

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